Gallery Battersea Power Station 


On Battersea Phase 4A for over 6 months now. Currently we've up to 33 best (16.07.2021) of the best men installing cavity wall insulation, stainless steel cavity trays, traditional brickwork with multiple finishes at the highest standard.

We have also taken on the full window installation package with over 2000 windows across 7 blocks. The job is going very well and overall quality is very good.

We are happy to work with any client, on any size of projects anywhere within London and outside.

We offer following services:

brick/block/stone work, GRC/precast bands, precast cladding, masonry support of any kind, fire stopping that meets the highest standards of whether it's Rockwool .... any other works behind the brickwork including SFS, EPDM , tyveck .

We also offer punched window installation, with external and internal air/waterproof tapes, internal and external protection, window sills, mastic so on.

Always ready to take on a new challenge!

30.10.2021 - 5013 m2 windows installed , all done ( except hoist areas )Great working together with Ardmore team . Thank you !